What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in Canadian women. While it can befound in men, male breast cancer is a very rare occurrence. With the advancements in technology and interventions, it has resulted in high survivorship rates for both women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Studies support that long after the disease has been removed, many people are left with physical, emotional, and psychosocial impairments that often go unrecognized.

Starting off, it may be painful and difficult to do overhead movements or reach because of restricted arm and shoulder motion. The surrounding muscles will have become weaker and shorter, and physiotherapy could help them regain their usual strength and length. The lymphatic system is another system that is affected by this procedure.

The lymphatic system's main goal is to cleanse the blood and tissues of extra water and contaminants (inflammation). When lymphatic vessels are affected, such when lymph nodes are removed, the system's channels may become clogged or blocked, leading to swelling. Consistent swelling in the arms, breast, belly, legs, neck, or head results from the ensuing lymphedema.

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