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Muscle & Joint Pains

A muscle strain is damage caused by over-stretching of muscle tissue. The muscle tissue becomes overloaded and reaches a breaking point where a tear or partial tear occurs. This will result in pain that will persist if he or she attempts to stretch or contract the muscle. All muscle strains should be rested and allowed to heal. If the patient continues to play, the condition will worsen. If ignored, a grade one strain has the potential to become a grade two strain or even a complete rupture. It is important to have your muscle injury assessed to by an experienced physiotherapist to obtain the correct advice and rehabilitation strategy. To arrange an appointment please contact us.
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Physiotherapy treatments for muscle & joint pains:

Mobilisation of the joint and the surrounding soft tissues

Balance and Proprioceptive Exercises

Strengthening Exercises

Therapeutic exercises


Heat and cold therapy (to help reduce inflammation)


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