Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


First Visit - Regular - $70

Choose this option if this is your first time to Care and Cure Physiotherapy and Massage, if this is your first visit for a new injury, or if you have not been in the clinic for 3 months. It allows for some extra time for a complete assessment along with your treatment. If you are booking your assessment for a work related injury with an accepted WSBC claim please make a note in your online booking or phone our office as we require you to complete a series of forms prior to initiating treatment.

Physiotherapy- Extended Evaluation and Treatment -$95

Book this treatment if you require more time for treatment. This also applies to treatment for 2 different body areas, or if simply want more time for communicating with your therapist.

Subsequent visit- $50

Choose this option for follow up visits with a Physiotherapist for the treatment of the same injury. If this is your first visit to the clinic, assessment of a new injury, or it has been more than 3 months since your last visit, please select “ New Assessment” when booking your appointment.

Physiotherapy with Shockwave therapy Treatment- $100

ShockWaveTherapy is extremely effective, shortens the treatment period and brings better results in long time follow-up. Most common indications include:  painful shoulder  epicondylitis/ tennis elbow  achilles tendon pain  patellar tendonitis/ jumper’s knee  trigger points treatment  groin pain  hip pain  heel spur

Accepted ICBC Claims - NO FEE- $0

A portion of the physiotherapy and massage therapy fee will usually be billed to ICBC by the clinic. There is no need for an initial doctor’s referral if the accident is recent and/or you have not had any previous treatment. For more information visit the ICBC website.


For all work-related injuries, WorkSafeBC will pay for your initial Physiotherapy visit as long as your claim is registered with WorkSafeBC and you have a claim number. Further physiotherapy treatment may be covered after your claim is approved. A referral from your doctor is not necessary.

PATIENTS WITH MSP PREMIUM ASSISTANCE -$47 for First visit, $27 for subsequent visits

For MSP beneficiaries receiving premium assistance, MSP will contribute a portion per visit for a combined annual limit of 10 visits each calendar year towards: physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, and non-surgical podiatry.  We will be able to check your Care Card and confirm in advance whether you qualify as an MSP beneficiary.

Seniors 65+ or Patients on disability WITH MSP PREMIUM ASSISTANCE -$20

Please talk to one of our friendly front desk staff and they will help you with this, if it applies to you.

Care and Cure Physiotherapy, Surrey
Care and Cure Physiotherapy, Surrey

Massage Therapy

First Visit

Our therapist recommends the first massage visit to be a minimum of 45 minutes. This allows a thorough assessment of the patient.

Private or Extended health

30 min – $65

45 min- $95

60 min- $115

Accepted ICBC Claims -Patient pays remaining

A portion of the massage therapy fee will be billed to ICBC by the clinic.

30 min ICBC- $35.85

45 min ICBC- $64.85

60 min ICBC- $ 80.85


Our massage therapist is currently not taking WSBC claims.


A portion of the massage therapy fee will be billed to MSP by the clinic.

30 min MSP- $35.85

45 min MSP- $64.85

60 min MSP- $ 80.85

*We accept cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard and Interac / debit. For physiotherapy and Massage visits, we require at least 24 hours notice be given for any changes otherwise the full visit fee may be charged.

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